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Rowan Crystal Pendant

Introducing Rowan crystal pendants: a timeless and organic round shape that adds elegance to any room. Whether as a single pendant or in a linear arrangement in your kitchen or dining area, Rowan creates a captivating display.

Combine different sizes (small, medium, large) with 4 different hand-cut patterns for a modern chandelier effect. Hand-built in Denmark, these lamps feature exquisite mouth-blown glass, showcasing their unique and artistic design.

Small: H 15cm x Dia 15cm - E14 Fitting
Medium: H 22cm x Dia 22cm - E27 Fitting
Large: H 28cm x Dia 28cm - E27 Fitting

NOTE: Please allow 4 weeks for delivery of all Ebb and Flow products. A limited amount of stock is held at our showroom.

Care and cleaning

Sale price$620.00