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About us

who are we?

Social Light was founded by Laura James in 2017, following a successful 10 year career as an electrician. Laura brings a special combination to Social Light - this practical experience, combined with extra study at Massey University, in the science of lighting design, and a strong design flair.

We love to work with our clients to achieve a result that is personal and considered, and go the extra mile to achieve that. Client satisfaction is one of our main drivers, and offering quality products that stand the test of time. We are committed to continuously upskilling to bring current international design trends to our clients.

We are excited by the possibilities of lighting - what it can achieve, how it makes people feel in their homes, how it create diverse moods in interior and exterior spaces.

We offer a beautiful range of lights and custom made features. Based in Cambridge New Zealand, get in touch with us to meet with us - we will work with you to create a personalised lighting plan that is not only functional - but enhances and creates a beautiful mood within your home.

about us

what we do

A Lighting plan is an important piece of the puzzle when building. However, it is often overlooked.

When you are provided with plans from your architect or builder they show where your walls, floors and doors will be placed. A lighting plan works in the same way – detailing where the lights will be placed and what type of lights will go where.

Making considered lighting choices at the beginning of the build saves time and money at the end of the build. Social Light prides its self on creating personalised lighting plans. We work with our clients to understand how they envisage using each space, and tailor the lighting to enhance the comfort of living for them.

A lighting plan gives you the chance to put your own unique spin on your home. Feature pendants or wall lights can be treated as a piece of art, balancing the more functional lighting needed. We have access to a wide range of lighting, and can find fittings to suit any style. The more we know about your materials, colours and your vision for your home, the better -it's your home, light it your way.

To find out more about Social Light's personalised lighting plans, email us at or get in touch here to meet us and see our showroom.