Social Light brings together over a decade of experience in lighting design and installation. We have pulled together a service that combines the technical with the aesthetic, focusing on New Zealand made and substainable products.

Social Light offers customers personalised lighting plans, a beautiful range of lights and custom made features. Based in Cambridge New Zealand, get in touch with us to make an appointment to create a personalised lighting plan.

What We Do

A Lighting plan is an important piece of the puzzle when building. However, it often goes overlooked.

When you are building a house, you are provided with plans from your architect or builder. This shows where your walls, floors and doors will be placed. A lighting plan works in essentially the same way – depicting where the lights will be places and what type of lights will go where.

Just like all the other decisions when building, lighting choices should be made at the beginning of the build. This saves time and money at the end of the build. Social light prides its self on creating personalized lighting plans, as two house layouts may be the same but the way two people use the space will be different. Our goal is to work with customers to understand how they envisage using each space and tailoring the lighting to enhance the comfort of living for them.

A lighting plan gives you the chance to put your own unique spin on your home. Feature pendants or wall lights can be your special piece of art, only limited by your imagination. Lighting is always a talking point of any new home, so get your lighting tailored to your homes style. Having access to the widest range of lighting we can find fittings to suit any style. The more we know about your colour schemes and visions for your home the better, Its your home light it your way.

To find out more about Social Lights personalized lighting plans, contact us at design@sociallight.co.nz or visit the showroom at 18 Cook Street Leamington.