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HUSH Pendant Light

Hush is an award winning family of acoustic lights which absorb noise and reverberation to create a more peaceful environment.

Place Hush over an individual task desk, a group of desks, meeting table or focus space to aid in softening sound and reducing reverberations. This allows teams to collaborate while also aiding individuals to focus - free of distractions.
The lightweight, semi-rigid acoustic panels help mitigate the impact of noise in an open-plan environment.

The Hush acoustic light family is available in 4 sizes and 16 colours.
Made from recycled PET bottle flakes.
Light source is E26 lamp holder. 
Options for LED panel and shade only are available on request. 
Comes flat packed to minimise packaging materials and to reduce its size for transport.
If you would like assembled please contact us to do for you. 

Designed and made in New Zealand in association with David Trubridge Design Studio.

Hush Round:
Dimensions: 1400L x 1400W x 650H
Hush Oval: 
Dimensions: 2000L x 1400W x 650H
Hush Mini: 
Dimensions: 1000L x 1000W x 400H
Hush Micro: 
Dimensions: 750L x 750W x 350H

Autex Cube range: Pavilion, Savoye, Opera, Acros, Falling Water, Pinnacle, Senado, Flatiron, Empire, Petronas, Treehouse

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