Living room


The living room should be called the social room.  The space and place we use and share on a daily basis.  There are so many ways to light these spaces depending on your needs and how you use your space.

Accent Lighting
Great for highlighting certain features such as textured walls, a favourite painting or a fireplace. Recessed adjustable lights are perfect to do so.  When lighting art the lighting choice is very important to best display your special piece.  Social light has a range of art specific light fittings, using LEDs with near perfect 97 CRI (colour rendering index) to truly show all colours in your art work.

Ambient Lighting
In order to make a living room feel inviting and comfortable, the night needs to provide illumination and control glare. Stylish lamps, chandeliers and ceiling lights cast a warm glow in the living room. This is the room where the most light is  used, which is why you would want to consider energy efficient controls, dimmers and multiple switching.

Decorative Lighting
Decorative lights adds coziness and intimacy to any living room, and can also be your statement piece or work of art.  Social Light makes bespoke lighting and can create a one of kind fitting for you, whatever your style.  Table lamps, chandeliers and hanging pendants can create interest and add sparkle to personalise a room.

Task Lighting
Positioning the lighting in your living room is important. For spaces in which you would write at a desk or read a book, good lighting helps get this done. Reading lamps with swinging arms or adjustable beams or a directed source of light over a desk.