So what’s involved in getting a Lighting Plan from Social Light?

Step 1

You would have an initial consultation with Laura at her showroom. You would need to bring your building plans with you and there you will discuss what sort of lighting is needed; how you like to live and the mood and atmosphere you like to create within your home. Key considerations may include whether you will be working from home and have a substantial home office/study; how often you like to entertain, whether you have extensive features (both inside and outside) that you’d like to make a feature of. You may already have a clear idea of the types of lights that you’d like to have in your home and it’s great to share these with Laura at this early stage. If you’re not sure on what sort of lights you’d like then meeting at the showroom is great because Laura has dozens on offer for you to view as well as product catalogues and design ideas. This initial meeting should take 1-2 hours.

If you can’t meet in person then don’t worry! Build plans can be emailed through and the consultation can take place over the phone at a time that’s convenient with you.

“It’s always good to know what products the client would like to use in their home as this can affect light placement and Laura can advise on suitability at an early stage in the planning process”

Step 2

A draft plan is created and this is reviewed with the Client either in person or via phone or email. Now is the time for feedback and the importance of light selection is highlighted as decisions need to be made.

Step 3

An on-site visit with the Client at the “pre-wire” stage of the build is preferable. Often clients like to have their electrician present too as final adjustments can be made and Laura can confirm the installation plan with the electrician. Social Light is happy to consult directly with a Clients electrician as and when required.

“Bespoke lights may need to be sourced for a Client, however, all pre-wiring can be completed by the electrician in advance of the lights installation”

Step 4

Laura will work with you (and the electrician) to supply the lights to the specification of your lighting plan. It’s always a pleasure to see the finished product!


How long should it take to get a lighting plan done?

From initial consultation to finalised lighting plan is around 2-3 weeks for an average size home.

How much does it cost?

For an average size home of 250 square metres, it will typically cost $500. Larger homes are priced on request.

When should I contact Social Light?

The sooner the better! Once you have your building plan, even if it’s a draft, give us a call.

What if I’m doing a renovation or live in an existing home and I want to change the lighting?

The process for a renovated home is pretty much the same as a new build and starts with your building plan. If you fancy a complete change from what you’ve got then Laura is happy to come an do an on-site consultation and then take it from there.