With so many beautiful wall and pendant lights available you can really add style to the bedroom that can create mood and drama.  There are however some practical must do’s in the bedroom.

Getting the size right
Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, but its important to get your lighting solution right.  Social Light will take into account the natural light and the size of the room to come up with the perfect lighting combination for you.

Easy Access
Location needs to be a high priority in the bedroom. Not just for light fittings but also for switching.  Accessibility and function such as sensing or dimming need to be considered.

Enhance bedside lighting
It is important to carefully consider which bedside lighting is right for you. What light level is most comfortable for you to read by at night ? Consider pendants either side of the bed for ascetics or adjustable wall lights may be more functional for you to read by.  Light controls to reach with ease should be accessible to the bed.

Don’t forget the closet
Closets need to have great light especially if accompanied by mirrors. Using a good quality LED recessed or surface fitting is a must to give you a true representation of the colour of your clothing.  Look for the CRI (colour rendering index) of the light fitting, 90 or over is the ide