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Lets face it the bathroom is very important as your hub for preening and perfecting.  So getting the right lighting is essential to get the right results.

Mounted fixtures
Mounted fixtures at eye level are great for around the vanity area.This leaves no shadow on the face which can be caused by an overhead fixture.

Task and Ambient

LED fittings work well in the bathroom for their high light output.  Multiple switching options for your bathroom help use the space effectively.  switching your high output task lights and you feature lighting separately as to not be blinded by the light in the middle of the night and to be able to set a relaxing environment for that well need bubble bath at the end of a long day.

Art in the bathroom
A small spot light is great to highlight any artwork in the bathroom, the bonus being that this creates yet another layer of light in the bathroom.

Don’t forget the ventilation

Social light has more modern stylish bathroom ventilation options than the norm.  Take a look in the ventilation section of shop now.